Solar powered Plane set to complete world tour

Milestone: a plane flying without fuel
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Finally the world of aviation is about to embrace a new innovation. A solar plane- an aircraft flying without fuel. The innovative plane is travelling at the same speed as a car.

“An airplane with perpetual flight endurance, without fuel, like the Solar Impulse is not only a first in the history of aviation, but also in the history of energy,” emphasized Bertrand Piccard, Initiator and Chairman of the project. “The primary purpose of this adventure is to demonstrate that modern clean technologies can achieve the impossible and encourage everyone to use these same energy efficient solutions on the ground in their daily lives for mobility, construction, lighting, heating, cooling and more.” Said André Borschberg, CEO and Co-Founder

The Solar impulse 2, now on test has according to the brains behind it, reached a point of no return.

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The plane which started the around the world journey trip in March 2015 was on Friday seen at landing at California Airport from Hawaii. This was another milestone after the mission had stalled for almost ten months.

Piloted by Swiss explorer Bertrand Piccard and Psychiatrist Andre Borschberg, the plane started its journey in March 2015 from Abu Dhabi UAE. It has so far made stopovers in Oman, Myanmar, China and Japan.

At night the plane moves with stored power at a speed of 28mph. However, during the day, with the help of stronger sunrays, the planes move faster.

The wings of this wonderful plane are more less like those of Boeing -747 powered by 17,000 solar cells that power the propellers and charge the batteries.

The team of 100 is pumped up with confidence and willing to see this dream come true. The plane is expected to return to Abu Dhabi sometime soon after travelling a 35,000km distance around the world.

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