RDC calls for compulsory HIV testing for Boda Boda men

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Mpigi Residence District Commissioner (RDC) joins Kole Woman Member of Parliament (MP) Ms Judith Alyek, who is also the Parliamentary Committee on HIV/Aids chairperson, calling for compulsory HIV/ AIDS testing for men and more so boda boda men. – The move is necessary because many men are responsible for the spread of the virus.

Speaking during Mpigi district celebrations in commemoration of the World AIDS day held at St. Charles Lwanga Primary School, Swaib Waggwa Lubega, the RDC said they are planning to conduct compulsory HIV testing of all bodaboda riders in the district because they were pointed out as the most group at risk.
The HIV prevalence rate in Mpigi stands at 7.4% compared to the national prevalence rate which is at 6.0%
According to the survey conducted by the district health department, male youth are more vulnerable to contracting HIV than the female counterparts in the district.

The executive director of Baylor Uganda Dr Adeodata Kekitiinwa recently said: ‘One of the key emerging groups that we are now seeing are the boda-boda riders and Taxi drivers, these people have money every day so they entice girls. We are working with their associations to mobilize them for prevention services, care and treatment,’
The 2014 study conducted by Mildmay Uganda under its three-year Most At Risk Population Project revealed that boda boda riders represent the least number of people who used a condom in their last sexual encounter at 67%, followed by fisher folk 63%, youth out of school 42% and sex workers 31%.

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The study was conducted in five sub counties of Wakiso District; Bussi, Wakiso Town Council, Makindye Sabagabo, Nangabo and Nansana Town Council. “60% of the fisher folk had more than three sexual partners while 20% had more than seven in the last 6 months,”
Speaking at press conference recently, Hon Judith Alyek revealed that compulsory HIV testing was necessary to check on spread of HIV/AIDS. “If a new policy is introduced by government which subjects all men to compulsory HIV testing from wherever they are, fighting the scourge will be successful since many men don’t know their HIV status,”

findings from the latest Uganda Population-Based HIV Impact Assessment indicate that prevalence of HIV among adults aged 15 and 49 years in Uganda dropped to 6%, up from 7.3% in 2014.

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