PLE2018: Results of 3,500 candidates withheld pending investigations

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The Uganda National Examinations Board (Uneb) on Thursday released results of last year’s Primary Leaving Examinations
Results indicate improvements in general performance, and more candidates will be able to join post primary institutes

The failure rate also reduced by 9.2%, with boys’ failure rate at 5.3% and that of girls at 7.7%.
‘‘11% (77,133) of the candidates passed in division one as compared to 9.1% (50,198) in 2017 ‘’ said Dan Odongo, UNEB Executive Secretary.
13.1% males and 10.5% females passed in division one, while, 42.7% males and 40.6% females passed in division two
Overall, there was improvement In English, social studies and integrated science, performance in Maths improved at distinction level but showed decline at credit and overall pass level

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Two of the 65 candidates that sat for PLE at Luzira Upper prison obtained Divisional grade 1, 26 obtained Division 2, 15- Division 3, 15- Division 4. Only seven were ungraded
State Minister for Primary Education Sseninde asks parents to consider taking their children to technical schools and institutions. “They are not only for Failures.”
UNEB chairperson Prof Okwakol Mary said that while performance improved, however there are still many candidates scoring zero in all exams.

Examiners reported improved handwriting by candidates, as well as their ability to express themselves more clearly
Prof. Kwakol revealed that Malpractices still a challenge,’ ‘ in Bundibugyo district security officers found teachers in 8 schools reading out answers to candidates, parents had been made to pay 50000 each to facilitate the activity’’
She wants stringent sanctions for examination malpractice culprits

Results of over 3500 candidates were withheld pending completion of investigations. In 2018, UNEB withheld results of 2,559 candidate
To get results via SMS, go to message menu, type PLE Full index number (schools’ number and candidate’s number), send to 6600

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