Muhoozi praises USA for the support towards building UPDF capacity

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H.E Ambassador Deborah Malac, the U.S ambassador to Uganda on Thursday bid farewell to the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF). The tenure of ambassador to Uganda, Deborah Ruth Malac has come to an end. She is expected to leave the country February next Year

Malac was nominated by USA President Barac Obama on September 19, 2015 replacing ambassador Scott Delisi
At a meeting with the Chief of Defence Forces Gen David Muhoozi at UPDF Headquarters in Mbuya, Amb Malac appreciated UPDF commitment and sacrifice towards creating peace and security not only in Uganda but also in the region.

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She particularly singled out Somalia where UPDF has been deployed since 2007 under AMISOM noting that the situation has improved thanks to Uganda’s contribution and other Troop Contributing Countries.
Gen Muhoozi expressed gratitude towards USA partnership and it’s government support towards building UPDF capacity as it modernises.

Washington is a major source of funding for Uganda’s military, supplying hardware, cash and training. It has given equipment, money and intelligence for the military’s hunt for Lord’s Resistance Army warlord Joseph Kony.
President Museveni also receives diplomatic support from Washington for his deployment of troops in international peacekeeping missions including the fight against militants in Somalia.

Malac has had an outstanding role in Uganda, specifically advocating for freedom of speech, democracy and respect of human rights among others. Malac’s major task as she came to Uganda was to help Uganda avoid complacency in regards to HIV/Aids after the progress made and also ensure that Uganda enforces tenuous peace agreements in war-torn South Sudan.

In April 2016 while speaking at the post-election symposium on Youth, Democracy and Governance at Hotel Africana in Kampala, Malac called on the Ugandan government not to sacrifice the rights of its citizens in the name of maintaining stability.

She also said the US cannot ignore actions that shrink Uganda’s political space and restrict freedoms of assembly and expression. While speaking in July 2017 at America’s 241st Independence anniversary celebrations at the US Embassy in Kampala, Malac said that strong institutions, not one person or party, is the secret to longevity and stability of nations.

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