MPs not paid for two months

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Members of Parliament have reportedly not been paid for two months. Communications Director at Parliament, Chris Obore attributes the delay to budget cuts but confident the arrears will be paid by end of this week.
Parliamentary was reduced by Ugx. 100 billion

On Average, Ugandan MP takes home about Ugx. 25 million on top of their basic salaries. The allowances they get include town running (Ugx 1m), Gratuity (Ugx 1m), medical (Ugx 500,000), subsistence (Ugx s4.5m), committee sitting (Ugx 50,000), plenary sitting (Ugx 150,000).
However, for the last two months, The MPs have only received basic salaries Ugx. 11m.Some of MPs are reportedly trapped in a cycle of debts, with some members earning less than Ugx. 100,000 per month. Most of their salaries are committed to servicing debts from loan sharks and banks

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The affected emoluments include inland travel, which involves visiting constituencies and monitoring service delivery, allowances for travel abroad as well as sitting allowances.

Some MPs are reportedly in panic fearing to lose their properties to loan sharks. Obore has assured the MPs that their allowances will be paid and that the Commission has written to commercial banks notifying them of the delay.

In 2013, Members of Parliament, who are currently among the best paid individuals in the country, appealed to President Museveni to rescue them from their choking loans.

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