Does going to Church every Sunday makes one a good Christian?

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By Joel Savage

If a journalist stops ten people on the street and asks: Who is a Christian? I strongly believe that eight will say that: “A Christian is someone who goes to church every Sunday and only two will say: A Christian is a follower of Christ.” It’s not an exaggeration; millions of people don’t know what a Christian is really.

This is the reason many Christians go to church every Sunday but they don’t see any significant impact in their lives than poverty and misery. It makes no sense to say: “I am a Christian but not practicing the qualities of Jesus Christ. It’s just like saying: “I love my mother and father,” yet you never go to visit them.
Anyone who loves God has a duty to perform. It is not the dress one wears makes him a lady and it’s not the long sleeves shirt a man wears that makes him a gentleman or going to church every Sunday makes one a Christian but your integrity, Godly qualities, respect you have for yourself and others, makes one a great believer in God and that good deeds reflect on the principles of Jesus Christ.

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We pray, because in prayer our hearts open to God with the confidence that our requests will not go unheeded and, certain of his love, we find joy and hope for the future. However, because of impatience, many often rush in life and the result is not always good. Life is very tough that many turn to crime for solace, often going to prison or becoming alcoholics or junkies.
There is nothing which gives peace and satisfaction than walking with Jesus. Let people call you crazy because of your faith in Jesus. The same people who had previously called you a mad person will see the remarkable changes in your life and even witness the Christ-like character reflecting in your life to follow your footsteps.

In my opinion, going to church every Sunday doesn’t make one a Christian. In 1 Corinthians 3:16, it reads “Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst?” If our body is the temple of God and the great Jehovah lives in us, whenever we pray, God will listen to us and answer our needs. It’s your faith that matters.

A man without faith is like a tree without roots. Never wish to be someone else and always be content with what you have. Proverbs 15: 17, reads: “Better a small serving of vegetables with love than a fattened calf with hatred.”
No one can give you peace or serve you better. Even the politicians who promise to make rivers flow with milk and honey can’t fulfill their promise. We need the peace of Jesus Christ because through him we had our salvation.
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