COVID-19: Museveni clears taxi’s, buses, Boda Boda’s, churches to wait around

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’With effect from 4th June, 2020, we shall allow the operation of the public means of transport like buses, taxis, passenger trains provided they only carry 50% of the load.’’ The president Museveni said in a televised address on Monday.

The head of state said, all passengers must wear face masks.

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He observed that the government face masks shall be provided by June 10, 2020, “we missed the pledged schedule slightly but we shall supply starting with border districts’’ he added.

Museveni assured Ugandans that NRM government shall continue giving food. ‘‘Some people thought we had stopped giving food but we just finished the first phase and we shall be coming back in Wakiso and other areas. Even the people who we gave food first, we might be coming back’’

Government has so far given out food to fed 1.8 million Ugandans
Mr. Museveni explained that the lockdown has been one of the defence weapons that have helped government to survive unlimited danger ‘‘however it’s a weapon that must be used with care because it paralyses many activities we survive on for livelihood and prosperity’’ he said
To remain closed
The president asked Bars, night clubs, gyms, saunas, churches, mosques and other places of worship to remain closed for another 21 days. He explained that these cannot easily observe the social distancing rules.
He also announced that government decided to postpone the opening of schools for candidates for another one month so ‘’we can prepare better.’’

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