British national, Pastor arrested for supplying born again Christians with ‘MIRACLE CURE’ harmful to human consumption

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The Territorial Police in Rwenzori West Region have charged more suspects to court, linked to Global Healing Christian Missions (GHCM)
The purported Charity Organisation was actively involved in supplying born again Christians, in Kyenjojo and Kabarole Districts, with a Miracle Cure, claiming it healed Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Malaria and many other diseases.

The Charity was partly funded by British national Sam Little, who was recently arrested in Uganda after being accused of spreading a type of toxic bleach as a bogus cure for illnesses.
Little was in Uganda to promote so-called Miracle Mineral Solution, which proponents claim can cure almost any medical condition.
According to Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, The task team actively involved in investigating the alleged miracle cure, retrieved samples which were submitted to the NDA and Government Analytical Laboratories, the results revealed the solution, contained a dangerous corrosive toxin that was harmful to human consumption.

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four suspects have been charged to court. These include Sam Little, a 25 year old British tourist, Pastor Tim Tom, a 34 year old, Pastor at Fort Portal Christian Fellowship Church; Samuel Albert, a 28 year old, herbalist and Samula Tadeo, a 26 year old male adult.
They were charged with two counts, under the National Drug Authority and Authority Act, for carrying out illegal clinical trials c/s 40 of the Act and supplying of impure drugs c/s 30 (b) of the Act.

They were in addition, charged with two counts under the Narcotic drug and Psychotropic Substance Act, 2016 for being in unlawful possession of a narcotic drug and Psychotropic Substance and for smoking a narcotic drug respectively. The Police is tracing for other suspects, who are on the run but with knowledge about the network.
Police called on believers who still have the mixture to hand it over to the nearest police station and visit a registered medical facility for review.

MMS is banned in several countries, including Canada and Ireland. In the UK and US it is strictly controlled and has led to fraud prosecutions. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a public warning that advises anyone with MMS to “stop using it immediately and throw it away”. Several people have been sickened by the chemical, the FDA says, suffering nausea, diarrhea and potentially “life-threatening low blood pressure caused by dehydration”.

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