Bobi Wine: I will not support the age limit bill; the man has ruled us for many years

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A lot is expected from the newly elected Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi. Equally, the public is worried, he might be tempted by money from the ruling party-the NRM.
Reports indicate, since his massive election victory in the hotly contested by-election where he ran as an independent, Bobi Wine is being courted by the ruling party.

And the recent handshake with President Museveni at the vigil of fallen veteran Ugandan politician John Ssebaana Kizito also worried many.
Speaking today on NBS tv, bobi said: “I am willing to work with anybody that wants a better Uganda, no matter their political affiliation. I did not go to Parliament to sign any memorandum with any politician. I went to parliament to represent the people of Kyadondo East and that’s exactly what I will do.”

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He assured the people of Uganda and Kyadondo East in particular to ‘‘Look out for honest representation. I know how to be happy without money so money can’t rule me. I’m purely representing my people.
He added: ‘’ I have been elected by the people, what I said in the campaigns is exactly what I’m going to say in Parliament. As a person who has been elected by people, I know I’m mandated to work with president & not for the president. Let’s not confuse the two” he said.

Bobi Wine assured Ugandans that he has not changed adding that he is still the same ghetto youth who is going to express ideas on a formal platform.
On the Age limit bill, Bobi Wine had this to say: “I strongly condemn the presidential age limit. I don’t intend to massage the ego of one person who has ruled us for many years”

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